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How to compare pressure washers and what makes Kranzle special

There are a few basic questions you should ask yourself before buying any new pressure washer:

Only Kranzle offer a 2 year warranty and a 10 year valve casing guarantee, find out how.. and why...

Kranzle products are made to a quality, not to a price. Unlike mass produced machines, every Kranzle is made with pride and individually tested prior to leaving the factory.
We suggest evaluating different makes and models finding out what other people suggest, recommend and their experiences, look deeper than simply MAX pressure and price. These factors alone give no indication of value for money.

If you want a machine that will provide you good service and good value consider carefully the things that matter

What should I look for in a pressure washer

• Good quality pump head
Every Kranzle has a special forged brass pump head.

Avoid plastic, metal-plated plastic, and aluminium pumps:
These are not built with long-lasting or suitable materials and quickly fail.

• Water flow / output
For best results PSI needs the support of about 10 litres per minute flow

Higher PSI / BAR with lower ltrs/min can reduce the power by 50%
(to calculate, try calculating: 'operating BAR' x 'lts/min' then divide by 100)

Lower flow rates of around 7 ltrs/min still offer plenty of cleaning power for most tasks, though will not feel as powerful : the added benefit of this is that less water is consumed.

• Good quality plungers / pistons
Kranzle make our own shatter-proof ceramic coated plungers / pistons to very high standards with extremely long life expectancy.

Kranzle plungers are machined from stainless steel, heat treated, and then blasted during plasma temperatures and at high pressure the ceramic coating is applied.
They are finally ground and polished to give an ultra smooth, low friction surface which is permanent and won't chip, crack or wear out.
We invite you to see the different stages of the processes we use to perfect our plungers on facebook where we have some excellent photo galleries.

"Avoid manufacturers using only a ceramic 'sleeve' or 'painted' with ceramic"

The quality and beneficial properties of ceramic used in this cheapened styles of production are mostly all lost.

• Good quality seals and leakage protection

Every Kranzle is built with a drainage chamber that has an air-gap between the water seals and oil seals, this ensures that there is no posibility of mixing oil and water causing contamination issues.

Extra protection by Kranzle includes a leakage-return system, if worn seals are not replaced and allow water past them into the drainage chamber, the pump will suck any water in the drainage chamber back into the pump where it belongs with the plungers next stroke. Since the beginning of 2013 every professional Kranzle series has this extra protection previously reserved for our larger series.
Kranzle source and use only the best materials to make our seals
Why ? : "because we acheive to be better than to be cheaper"

Kranzle are the only manufacturer to offer dry-run protection
Most pressure washers are destroyed if you accidentally fail to connect a water supply, your Kranzle will be safe because of original genuine Kranzle parts.

Most non-Kranzle pumps do not have an air gap between seals and no drainage possibilities between the high pressure water seals and the oil seals, this results with the oil and water being able to contaminate each other and causes emulsification worries.

• Full parts backup and support, easy servicing!
All Kranzle machinery can be serviced and repaired if needed, fully backed-up and supported with advise and parts.

Kranzle use many common items between our different series, we make the parts - and we know that they are good quality parts; so whether your machine is a day old and it fell off the 3rd floor roof you were using it on, or it's the pressure washer bequeathed to you that was built more than thirty years ago.. the parts are stocked in the UK, with next day delivery offered from your nearest Approved Servicing Specialist if they do not already have the parts in stock.

Kranzle Approved Service Centres can be found nationwide, with full UK coverage. Fully trained engineers will be happy to discuss thoroughly with you any questions or queries you may have whether looking to buy, with help and tips of use, and also with servicing and repairs.

Rule of thumb appears to be..
If a pressure washer in a DIY or similar store costs £350 or less, it is not possible to buy a replacement gun, lance nor hoses for it, and many parts are not available - so even if it should be an easy fix... and IF you can find someone that will repair it, the parts are no longer available.

Kranzle users do not experience these problems, and these are not our opinions or comments, but a representation of what we regularly hear about many, bad experiences suffered by people who have tried buying lots of different 'cheap' pressure washers in the past, before finally settling on getting a Kranzle.
Every effort is made to ensure maximum life of the pump, motor and transmission inside Kranzle high pressure cleaners.
Every Kranzle machine is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory and is stamped with a unique serial number.

So good is the Kranzle pump that Kranzle give a 10 year anti corrosion guarantee on the valve casing.

Because we use brass and stainless steel parts it should never wear out... just need service items replacing every two or three thousand hours use.
(Not bad when you consider the life expectancy of many other branded pressure cleaners expect to provide less than 50 hours usage!)

What performance will I be getting

The performance of your pressure washer, that is it's total power available for cleaning is a combination of: pressure AND flow.

An output of 1500 psi with 10 litres of water a minute is more powerful than 1800 psi with 7 or 8 litres of water a minute.
The water droplets in the spray are larger and heavier, so you clean quicker and more effectively as the total power is more.
Adjustable spray pattern lance with option to operate low pressure chemical injector

> Kranzle operating pressure figures are realistic achievable pressures, many manufacturers regularly quote only the maximum pressure which is never the same as the true operating pressure available for you to use.

Kranzle operating pressure figures are realistic achievable working pressures, unlike manufacturers quoting only the maximum pressure which is 10 to 15 Bar higher than the true operating usable pressure available for you.

> One other 'trick' other manufacturers employ to make you think that your pressure washer is more powerful than it is, is to supply you with a lance that has a kink in its design.
A kink, or bend, in the lance will give more of a kick-back than when using a straight lance, this tactic naturally 'feels' as though it is more powerful.
It feels like you have to fight to keep the lance down - where the reality is that you are only creating extra fatigue for yourself, and the pressure is no better for this.

Kranzle products are designed to be used for use over long periods of time and are all ergonomically designed with the operators comfort in mind.

What guarantee does it have and how long will it last

Every Kranzle is built to last for many years, even with daily usage

Kranzle Home & Garden equipment sold exclusively in the UK have a manufacturer warranty for a period of 24 months for domestic use.

Profesional machines sold to private customers for domestic use have a manufacturer warranty for a period of 24 months.

Profesional machines supplied to industrial or commercial users have a manufacturer warranty for 12 months, extendable to 24 months providing that an inspection is carried out and serviced, if required, in accordance with the "Guidelines for Liquid Spray Devices" by an Approved Kranzle Specialist, ensuring that your continued safe operation is guaranteed.
The results of the inspection and service history are to be recorded in writing, usually in the machine's operators manual.

"How much you would spend over 10 years replacing 'low cost' machines with more 'low cost' machines?"

• would you simply find yourself giving up and feel cheated?
• would you find yourself going back out to buy, yet another?

If you buy the best you can afford
you will save money in the long run, enjoying hassle free usage
Kranzle high-pressure cleaners expect from even our smallest :
in excess of over 1,000 operating hours

Guarantee, permitted use and life expectancy maybe vital

> Always check that the guarantee adequately covers your usage, and whether your pressure washer could be considered as having had some commercial use.

> The life span of many domestically designs is merely 30 - 40 hours. Most private purchasers will clean the car, caravan, lawn mower, driveway and patio then put it away and maybe not get it out again for a few weekends and then only to clean the car again, and perhaps the patio furniture.
This will probably see out the guarantee period, but what about next year or if you lend it to friends, family or neighbours?

> Check there are no conditions you must continue to meet, for instance it is reported that one manufacturer invalidates warranty if you do not exclusively use their own branded de-calcifying agent. It is not that this is to protect your machine, if that was the case it would be designed to have no need for de-calcifying chemicals, or that if you add de-calcifier you may decide which brand to use. Extra expenses of fitting computer chips to each bottle and the extra components of your pressure washer to monitor your usage patterns adds extra cost, and un-expected on-going extra operating costs.

Should I buy the cheapest

Yes..! .. but what is it that offers GOOD VALUE ?

If, for example, you spent £100 on something that only lasted 30-50 hours the machine would have cost you perhaps £2.50 per hour to own.

However, if you spent around £500 on proper equipment that gives you in excess of 5,000 hours usage the machine would be costing you less than 10 pence per hour to own.

Financially it makes sense to buy a good quality machine that will last.

> One can buy a disposable camera for less than £5
Listen, it will do the 'job' required of it there and then..
But what about next time you want to take photographs?
Do you pop to the shop again to buy a new one just as you wanted to capture the moment, finding it has run out?
Or.. are you the type of person who would buy something designed to last longer, without needing to replace it so frequently.