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General setting up information:

Ensure you have read the operating manual before use and follow all safety instructions

> How to correctly position my high-pressure cleaner
Kranle pump and transmission components operate significantly longer when operated in the correct position.

> If your machine has two wheels; it should not be stood up-right to operate, but laying down.
> If your machine has no wheels, or four wheels; use it in the natural standing position.

- Moving parts are better lubricated when in the horizontal position.
- There is less risk of damage if 'knocked' over.

> Location set-up of my high-pressure cleaner
Neither set-up nor operate a high-pressure cleaner in an area or room where there is a risk of fire or explosion. Do not place the machine in water, or where it may get heavy spray-back nor try to operate it under water.

In case of increased humidity and temperature fluctuations the development of condensation with the oil is possible; a little discolouration is acceptable - if the oil is thick and dark grey : an oil change is advisable.

> Electric supply..

All Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are built with powerful induction motors, ensuring you have the right set-up is vital and helps prolong the working life of electrical components.

> Water supply..
It is simple to avoid cavitation, possible damage caused by insufficient water supply, by ensuring you have sufficient water and by using correct water fittings, hoses, etc. Learn how to protect your machine.

> Never direct the water jet at the machine itself!
> Never direct the water jet at power sockets or any other electrical installations!
> Accessories in particular, hoses, trigger guns, lances, etc, are safety components!

   Components which are not approved by Kranzle render any guarantee.


Electrical set-up information:

Ensure you have read the operating manual before use and follow all safety instructions

> Power up your high-pressure cleaner
Kranzle pressure washers use industrial grade induction motors and will not run properly on diy type cable reels. Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are supplied with either a 5 or 7.5 metre cable;

If you need to use an extension cable it must have an inner cross section of 2.5mm² cable, this is not the outer cable diameter.

Always fully un-wind any extension cable used - never un-wind only as much as you need

> Final preperations
When you have your gun, lance and hose connected to your machine, a water supply connected, and the electric cable plugged in and in the on position. The "on/off" switch of the machine will start the motor; machines with TS (Total-Stop) facility will turn on in 'standby mode' until you squeeze the trigger gun.

> Electrical thermal overload protection
The On/Off switch has a thermal trip in it to help protect the motor.

If the main on/off switch returns to the 'off' position by itself during use. Allow at least 10 minutes before switching it back on for the machine to cool down.
(Note: High-pressure cleaners with delayed shut-down will automatically turn "off" after a 20-30 minute period of in-activity)

> Fuses in high-pressure cleaners
Kranzle high-pressure cleaners use industrial grade induction motors which may struggle to run properly if used with diy type cable reels, if other electrical equipment is used on the same power source, or the wiring is not of substantial quality.

All Kranzle professional high-pressure cleaners supplied through an approved Kranzle UK supplier are fitted with an 'easy-start', or 'soft-start' feature, dramatically reducing the starting amperage resulting with almost no start-up issues.
*It is possible to retro-fit this feature for older professional models using kit K490411.

> Generator Advice
The wide range of power, intake / out-put figures, kVA, kW and Horse-Power and other variances between even similar generators varies so much.

Exclusively and only owing to feedback of real-life users of our high-pressure cleaners.

Their suggestions are:

The smaller Kranzle portable 7/122 or 7/120 machines require around a 3.5 kVA / 3kW generator;
Most other single-phase Kranzle machines generally require around a 6 kVA / 5.5 kW generator.

> Good air ventilation is important!
> Operate only at the maximum or lesser operating pressures of your device!
> Easy-start / soft-start kits can be retro-fitted to existing Kranzle high-pressure cleaners!

Water set-up information:

Ensure you have read the operating manual before use and follow all safety instructions

> Water availability
Always test the available water supply by running your hose into a measured container for one minute to make sure there is at least 10% more water flowing from the end of your hose where you connect it to your machine more than the machine's water output.

Always use as short as possible length of inlet hose to supply the machine water.
Longer lengths than 3 metres causes a drop in volume of water available at the furthest end.

If your water supply hose is kept on a reel - it is imperative to fully un-wind all of the low-pressure hose from the reel, failure to do so results with less water avaialable at the end of the hose where it is needed most of all.
Using long lengths of water supply hose and extension cables can cause damage.

It is better to use extenstion lengths of high pressure hose

We have tested extension lengths of high pressure hose up to an additional 100 metres (110 metres total) with minimal pressure drop at the nozzle of just 25%, with only 10% drop noted using an extra 50 metres (60 metres total) of high pressure hose.
The only advice with this, is that the shock wave of water in the hose actuates the by-pass or total-stop machines.

> Water fittings
There are two water connection fittings supplied with your Kranzle pressure washer:

> As standard a Gardena Hozelock connection is supplied and fitted to most machines for immediate use straight out of the box when the water supply hose is connected to a tap.
If you plan to use your pressure washer on suction you must use the 'cap & liner' type.

> A Kranzle Cap & Liner fitting, including a jubilee clip is also provided in the box.
We strongly suggest that you use the 'cap & liner' type fitting supplied which cannot fall away and allow for air to be draw in with the water supply.

Gardena hozelock fittings require a degree of water pressure to form and keep a seal; using a 'push' only fitting when drawing water from a tank, or container, may allow air to be drawn in by the pump with your water supply, causing damage.

Cap & Liner fittings should always be used when the supply water hose is drawing from a tank

It is possible to draw water in to the pump from a water tank.
It is impossible for one water tank to feed another without adequate water pressure, but a simple and quick conversion can be made for appliances with an integrated reservoir.

> Always ensure sufficient water is available!
> Use the correct connection type!
> Extend only the high-pressure hose, rather than both electric cable and water pipes!