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Karcher 43/25 C Bp Scrubber Drier Machine Review

Karcher 43/25 C Bp Scrubber Drier Review

Brush Working Width (mm): 430
Vacuum Working Width (mm): 850
Drive: Battery
Motor Rating (W): 1100
Brush Rotation Speed (U/min): 180
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 1135 x 520 x 1025
Brand: Karcher
Condition: New



Have you been searching for a way on how to treat and take care of your hard floors? Thought about the mop and bucket, then looked at the size of the area needed to clean and immediately changed your mind? We have the perfect solution. Pictured above, this great piece of machinery does all the work for you! Karcher 43/25 C Bp – Keep reading for more details and how this could benefit your business.


This divine Scrubber Drier produced by Karcher offers businesses much faster, speedy cleaning duties and saves costs on hiring cleaning companies or paying employees to clean, long-term. Another personal favourite, the Karcher 43/25 C runs as quiet as a whisper, granting access to use this model in noise-sensitive places such as Libraries, Offices, Research Laboratories etc – Potentially increasing your workload. Supplied with a standard-duty circular brush head which rotates at 180 U/Minute and has a width of 430mm, almost half a metre! So it goes without saying how quickly this machine can restore hard floors and put the shine back in them! (Optional brush heads available, for deeper cleans).

Also, Karcher has integrated a 2-tank system, consisting of a 25Litre clean water tank and a 25Litre dirty water tank, which enables running times of up-to 2hours straight before batteries possibly need charging. The tiny turning-circle on this model makes it ideal for large, small and cluttered areas – an all-rounder!


Firstly, no real effort is required in manoeuvring this machine due to the high capacity batteries that power and drive it, which takes the strain off of the operator to allow durable and easy cleansing. Great for any size business unit. This particular model has ability to clean 900m² easily and simply. Speaking of simplicity, maintenance on this machine too requires no effort as all necessary accessible components are highlighted in yellow on the machine. Because of these highlighted maintenance parts, this machine literally needs no training as its classed as ‘self-explanatory’. Very simplistic controls.

Optional accessories and extras are available for this model, such as Curved Squeegees, Quick-Charging battery set, Hard, Soft or Medium Brushes and much much more. All dependant upon requirements… Do you need a deep clean? Maintenance clean? Basic clean? If you need assistance in requirements, contact Aqua Blast Systems in Telford. Happy to help!

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Karcher HDS 6/10 Hot Water Pressure Washer Review



Current Type (Ph/V/Hz) : 1/240/50
Flow Rate (L/Hr) : 320-610
Operating Pressure (bar/MPa) : 30-105/3-10.5
Power Rating (kW) : 3
Power Cable (M) : -
Fuel Tank (L) : 15
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 1060 x 650 x 920
Water : Hot
Temperature : 0-90 Degrees
Brand : Karcher
Condition : New

Aqua Blast Systems have a soft-spot for Karcher HDS 6/10 machines due to their pure excellence in performance. This machine is our best seller and our recommendation to customers as this model performs well in the majority of application: Vehicle Cleaning, Equipment and Machinery Cleaning, Workshop Cleaning, Outdoor Area Cleaning, Service Station Cleaning, Swimming Pool Cleaning, Production Processes and Systems Cleaning – The list goes on! The Karcher HDS 6/10 is an all-round favourite.


Firstly, Aqua Blast Systems reflect that this machine has the least repairs carried out due to its versatile technology and hardened construction. Such as The Soft Dampening System (SDS) which compensates for vibration and pressure peaks in the high-pressure system. Therefore, off-loading strain from the components of the machine and essentially protecting them, potentially money-saving technology. The SDS also protects the heating coil against calcification damage: a build-up of limescale which can cause your pressure washer to malfunction. However, if for any reason your machine proceeds to construct deposits of limescale, you can run Karcher RM110 chemical through it to break-down and dispose of calcification. Aqua Blast Systems recommend using RM110 from the point of purchasing your pressure washer as Warranty must be in conjunction with RM110 or RM111 Chemicals.

Appropriately, due to the vast areas this machine can be operated in, the HDS 6/10 comes attached with; an industrial heavy-duty, low-speed motor functioning at 1,450RPM, so you can rely on your motor not getting overwhelmed as it manages its load with ease – Giving you peace of mind of machine break-downs.


What about the pump? Manufactured with excellence, this model is equipped with a three-piston Axial pump unit where ceramic pistons are consumed, considering their extreme durability and intense resistance to damage and wear, completely understandable. Additionally, implemented variable pressure control is accessible from the pump head to adapt to cleaning projects, the operator is in control at all times.

Another great feature is the Leak Detection System, which has multiple benefits, the leading one being the protection of machine and electronics. For example; If you had a leak in a coupling or seal within the unit, this particular model will shut down altogether and alerts the operator on the controls that there is a leak. Overall, protecting electrics and components from water damage. Another benefit being the prevention of floods, if for example, you use your machine in a stationery area, on different pressure washers the machine would usually continue to leak and operate at the same time – obviously longer durations means more of a flood. This model cuts the machine off and water inlet to stop this.

The machine is supplied with a stop and start system, which has the ability to cut the power of the machine when operators leave the unit running. Leaving pressure washers switched on and in motion can seriously damage and destroy components by seizing up or burning out. This small, yet significant feature prevents this.

Technology is at the heart of this pressure washer as its incorporated Exhaust Gas Temperature Limiter, which does as it says on the tin: monitors the temperature of exhaust fumes from the machine. This is an amazing feature which consists of a probe in the chimney with sensors and terminates the burner if it ever gets dangerously hot.


Karcher HDS 6/10 Overall is an amazing pressure washer which should achieve most cleaning projects. It has optional additional attachments which can improve performance, and chemicals which can reduce the effort required.

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