The best way to restore your floors of any material is by using a scrubber drying machine, however, for some natural hard-stone floors such as Marble, Terrazzo etc requires a process by the name of Crystallization. As multiple methods are available to achieve a natural high-gloss, hard-wearing & resistant floor, we will run you through the strategy which works best for Aqua Blast Systems and what we believe to be most effective.


Crystallization is the method of restoring natural hard floors, which contain calcium carbonate, back to their pristine conditions. We do this through the method of Karcher High-Shine Crystallisation Powder (RM 775) and a single disc scrubbing machine – It can also be done with a scrubber drying machine without clean & dirty water tanks attached. Although this component is acidic and sounds harsh towards your floors, as long as the application is correct, i.e: calcium carbonate natural floors, you will have no issues in terms of damage. Get in touch if you don’t know the material of your floor and we can help you.


With the objectives of a beautiful, smooth & shining floor, preparation must be done. If you feel the necessity for cleaning the floors beforehand, especially if they’re filthy, then proceed to do so as dirt particles can cause issues when re-crystallizing. After you’re confident with the cleanliness of the surface, the next step is (if necessary) to remove any protective coatings, which can be done through deep cleaning chemicals and roller brush scrubber drying machine. Again, if you need support – Feel free to call and we will walk you through the process. Ensure the surface is neutralized as some cleaning detergents are either alkaline or acidic, which could potentially cause a chemical reaction on the floor when crystallizing.


Now convinced that all the above has been accomplished, you can begin the re-crystallization process. All that’s is needed is a scrubber machine of choice, RM 775 and water. For the best results, use the ratio of 1:4 Water:Powder – 35Grams of powder on average will cover 1m². Once the mix has been created, it should be of a ‘paste’ consistency. Simply just a process of agitating the ‘pastey’ mixture into the surface of the floor until a glossy appearance is revealed.


From the diagram above, if you imagine a floor surface under a microscope:

  • This is the surface structure of an untreated calcium carbonate floor (1)
  • During the treatment, the crystal tips are basically eliminated by the crystallization agent RM 775 powder (2)
  • While agitating paste into the floor, it fills the spores of the surface in (3)

Produces long, hard-wearing floors with the natural glossy look of hard-stones.

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