Why have a demonstration of your new cleaning machines?

So why request a demonstration of a cleaning machine? As part of our sales process, first, we begin by running a site survey which consists of enquiring and asking questions regarding your cleaning requirements, for example; What you’re hoping to achieve, how often the machine is likely to be used, Time of usage etc. We believe this to be the most significant measure for purchasing machines so that we can truly understand your requirements and advise from there. Otherwise, you could settle for a machine that just does not complete your cleaning project.

Once the initial site survey is concluded, we should have a great idea of which machine best suits your needs, therefore another positive reason to have a demonstration is that you will see the machine in the flesh, the power and performance overall and will be able to clearly see visible results. Which obviously, you can then make a decision based on whether our machine can support your business.

Believe it or not, cleaning machines come in all shapes and sizes which require professional training and maintenance for some. So in addition to the above, another great purpose for a demo is training. Upon delivery, our engineer technician will run over the entire machine to show operators how to correctly use, manoeuvre and store the machine to a standard inline with Warranty to reduce risks of any unnecessary costly repairs.

Overall, requesting a demo can massively support your decision making and also gives a chance for us to meet and witness our transparent approach with honesty at the heart of our sales.


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