Excellent, Compact, Dirt Killing Machine!


Operating Pressure (bar/MPa) : 30-120 / 3-12

Current Type (Ph/V/Hz) : 1/240/50

Flow Rate (L/Hr) : 420

Power Rating (kW) : 1

Power Cable (M) : 5

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 440 x 200 x 330



The Kranzle K 7/122 TS Pressure Washer may not look like much, but believe us when we say it Packs-a-Punch! Many people doubt the cleaning result of this compact machine because it looks like it would be used domestically. However, the performance and pressure are beyond any domestic machine; with the ability to upgrade some components for extra performance, e.g: Turbo Lance. That is why, overall, this machine is used worldwide for a lot of valeters and other industries who struggle for space within their workshop but who also need effective cleaning execution.

Aqua Blast Systems will only provide machines in which we believe-in ourselves, we refuse to sell ‘rubbish’. We provide a warranty with our machine services to back-up our confidence in the Pressure Washers we deal with.

The Kranzle K | HD 7/122 Total Stop machine comes with multiple functions to assist the operator in creating maximum cleaning ability. As mentioned above, the minute, compact design generates accessibility to narrow areas or locations of which there is not a lot of room to manoeuvre. Another great feature is transporting of the machine, weighing a measly 22kg, the 7/122 TS does not apply strain to an operator when required to transport around site. To further support this feature, Kranzle integrated a large practical carrying handle.

Quality is at the heart of Kranzle machines, with their heavy-duty (1,400RPM) 4-pole motor attached, which offers quiet – almost silent – operating sound levels. Still also providing maximum life expectancy for the industrial motor. To promote the long-lasting life expectancy, the Total Stop (TS) version works parallel to this feature by automatically switching itself off after periods of non-usage. This protects the motor and pump because the additional pressure switch prevents the motor from running when you release the trigger gun, reducing seal wear if the machine is used intermittently yet left switched on for long periods.

By now I would expect you to believe us when we say this machine is far from domestic use. Still don’t? The indicated machine offers a pressure regulation switch, which is fully adjustable controls that allow operating pressures to be adapted to suit any cleaning task. I bet your domestic machine can’t do that! Another convincing feature regarding Kranzle 7/122 is having the capability to engulf water in from a water tank, even from a height of 1.5meters, so it is not always necessary to directly input to a water supply.

Kranzle 7/122 model also has the convenience element of optional quick-release couplings for lances and foam sprayer, to minimalise time between changing – Essentially speeding up working man-hours on projects.

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