What is Crystallization? – How to Restore your Floor.


The best way to restore your floors of any material is by using a scrubber drying machine, however, for some natural hard-stone floors such as Marble, Terrazzo etc requires a process by the name of Crystallization. As multiple methods are available to achieve a natural high-gloss, hard-wearing & resistant floor, we will run you through the strategy which works best for Aqua Blast Systems and what we believe to be most effective.


Crystallization is the method of restoring natural hard floors, which contain calcium carbonate, back to their pristine conditions. We do this through the method of Karcher High-Shine Crystallisation Powder (RM 775) and a single disc scrubbing machine – It can also be done with a scrubber drying machine without clean & dirty water tanks attached. Although this component is acidic and sounds harsh towards your floors, as long as the application is correct, i.e: calcium carbonate natural floors, you will have no issues in terms of damage. Get in touch if you don’t know the material of your floor and we can help you.


With the objectives of a beautiful, smooth & shining floor, preparation must be done. If you feel the necessity for cleaning the floors beforehand, especially if they’re filthy, then proceed to do so as dirt particles can cause issues when re-crystallizing. After you’re confident with the cleanliness of the surface, the next step is (if necessary) to remove any protective coatings, which can be done through deep cleaning chemicals and roller brush scrubber drying machine. Again, if you need support – Feel free to call and we will walk you through the process. Ensure the surface is neutralized as some cleaning detergents are either alkaline or acidic, which could potentially cause a chemical reaction on the floor when crystallizing.


Now convinced that all the above has been accomplished, you can begin the re-crystallization process. All that’s is needed is a scrubber machine of choice, RM 775 and water. For the best results, use the ratio of 1:4 Water:Powder – 35Grams of powder on average will cover 1m². Once the mix has been created, it should be of a ‘paste’ consistency. Simply just a process of agitating the ‘pastey’ mixture into the surface of the floor until a glossy appearance is revealed.


From the diagram above, if you imagine a floor surface under a microscope:

  • This is the surface structure of an untreated calcium carbonate floor (1)
  • During the treatment, the crystal tips are basically eliminated by the crystallization agent RM 775 powder (2)
  • While agitating paste into the floor, it fills the spores of the surface in (3)

Produces long, hard-wearing floors with the natural glossy look of hard-stones.

Why have a demonstration for your cleaning machine?

Why have a demonstration of your new cleaning machines?

So why request a demonstration of a cleaning machine? As part of our sales process, first, we begin by running a site survey which consists of enquiring and asking questions regarding your cleaning requirements, for example; What you’re hoping to achieve, how often the machine is likely to be used, Time of usage etc. We believe this to be the most significant measure for purchasing machines so that we can truly understand your requirements and advise from there. Otherwise, you could settle for a machine that just does not complete your cleaning project.

Once the initial site survey is concluded, we should have a great idea of which machine best suits your needs, therefore another positive reason to have a demonstration is that you will see the machine in the flesh, the power and performance overall and will be able to clearly see visible results. Which obviously, you can then make a decision based on whether our machine can support your business.

Believe it or not, cleaning machines come in all shapes and sizes which require professional training and maintenance for some. So in addition to the above, another great purpose for a demo is training. Upon delivery, our engineer technician will run over the entire machine to show operators how to correctly use, manoeuvre and store the machine to a standard inline with Warranty to reduce risks of any unnecessary costly repairs.

Overall, requesting a demo can massively support your decision making and also gives a chance for us to meet and witness our transparent approach with honesty at the heart of our sales.


The best way to clean your car | How to clean my car

What is the best way to clean your car?

If you have landed here, you are wondering the best solution to cleaning your vehicle. Great news! You have come to the right place! We specialise in cleaning equipment of all types: Chemicals, Machinery, Techniques & Method, Accessories, Application and much more.

What you need:

  • Buckets x2
  • Garden Hose
  • Jumbo Sponge / Lambswool Mitt
  • Pressure Washer (Optional)
  • Cleaning Detergent
  • Soft, Dry Cloth (Preferably Microfibre)

Preparing Your Vehicle for Washing

Firstly, prepare the vehicle of choice for cleaning, by parking it under a shaded area. The reason being (Especially in Summer), it can cause the body of the vehicle to heat up. Since heat speeds up the drying time of water and soap, it can leave soap and watermarks all over the paintwork, leaving the question of “What was the point?”

Begin with thoroughly rinsing the car down with water before applying soap. Ensure you remove any loose dirt and debris to avoid scratching the paintwork when initiating the cleanse. To be more productive and use your time more efficiently, consider purchasing an additional ‘snow foam’ lance, which buries the vehicle in chemical, specifically released in such a way that it foams and burrows its way into tough dirt and grime. Leave for 3-4 Minutes. During this short span, the chemical will have had time to soak into and up-lift dirt particles, creating a much easier clean overall. However, do not leave the detergent to dry on the vehicle as this may damage paintwork, but also does not have an effect.

Wash Your Vehicle

If you have completed the preparation stage, you are now ready to wash the vehicle. If used, start with blasting any chemical off your paintwork so you can reveal the true cleaning requirements remaining. Fill 2 buckets, one with hot soapy water (with cleaning detergent mix) and one simply with hot water. Proceed to apply hot soapy water to the top of the vehicle. We recommend scrubbing your vehicle with a lambswool mitt as this fibre has the least scratching properties, we also advise to scrub the vehicle in an ‘up and down’ motion, as scrubbing in circular motions could potentially leave ‘swirl’ marks on the paintwork. After each cleanse of using hot soapy water, soak and rinse your washing material in the second hot water bucket; this is to remove any dirt and debris caught in your sponge/mitt which potentially may scratch your paintwork. Continue to repeat from the top down to the skirt of car, until you can see your reflection!

Finishing Touches

If you can now see yourself on the body of the car, good job! Time for the final touches. As previously stated, self-drying of water on the bodywork will evapourate and leave ‘watermarks’ on it. To tackle and overcome this problem, we recommend using a microfibre cloth to dry your vehicle off with, this removes any ‘watermarks’ and restores your vehicle back to pristine condition. Additional buffers and polishers can be used, optionally.

What about Cleaning Wheels?

What is the best solution for cleaning alloys, rims or wheels? You will require 2 Buckets still, it is best to refill them but not necessary. Mix a cleaner into one of the buckets. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for all-wheel surfaces. Avoid caustic cleaners that contain acid, as well as dishwashing detergents. These cleaners can ruin the finish on your wheels.

Dependant on how dirty your wheels are, you want to use a de-greaser if they’re really bad. Soak your sponge, mitt or even brush, which is more suitable for wheels in the hot soapy water and proceed to apply and scrub in an ‘up and down’ motion again. Small crevices in the alloys or rims may be better cleaned with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly with water / pressure washer to transport dirt and debris off them. Then use a dry, soft cloth again to dry your wheels off. Again, this prevents watermarks.

All Done!

If you have followed each phase of the cleanse, with a bit of elbow grease, you should have spectacular finishes and shine!

Karcher 43/25 C Bp Scrubber Drier Machine Review

Karcher 43/25 C Bp Scrubber Drier Review

Brush Working Width (mm): 430
Vacuum Working Width (mm): 850
Drive: Battery
Motor Rating (W): 1100
Brush Rotation Speed (U/min): 180
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 1135 x 520 x 1025
Brand: Karcher
Condition: New



Have you been searching for a way on how to treat and take care of your hard floors? Thought about the mop and bucket, then looked at the size of the area needed to clean and immediately changed your mind? We have the perfect solution. Pictured above, this great piece of machinery does all the work for you! Karcher 43/25 C Bp – Keep reading for more details and how this could benefit your business.


This divine Scrubber Drier produced by Karcher offers businesses much faster, speedy cleaning duties and saves costs on hiring cleaning companies or paying employees to clean, long-term. Another personal favourite, the Karcher 43/25 C runs as quiet as a whisper, granting access to use this model in noise-sensitive places such as Libraries, Offices, Research Laboratories etc – Potentially increasing your workload. Supplied with a standard-duty circular brush head which rotates at 180 U/Minute and has a width of 430mm, almost half a metre! So it goes without saying how quickly this machine can restore hard floors and put the shine back in them! (Optional brush heads available, for deeper cleans).

Also, Karcher has integrated a 2-tank system, consisting of a 25Litre clean water tank and a 25Litre dirty water tank, which enables running times of up-to 2hours straight before batteries possibly need charging. The tiny turning-circle on this model makes it ideal for large, small and cluttered areas – an all-rounder!


Firstly, no real effort is required in manoeuvring this machine due to the high capacity batteries that power and drive it, which takes the strain off of the operator to allow durable and easy cleansing. Great for any size business unit. This particular model has ability to clean 900m² easily and simply. Speaking of simplicity, maintenance on this machine too requires no effort as all necessary accessible components are highlighted in yellow on the machine. Because of these highlighted maintenance parts, this machine literally needs no training as its classed as ‘self-explanatory’. Very simplistic controls.

Optional accessories and extras are available for this model, such as Curved Squeegees, Quick-Charging battery set, Hard, Soft or Medium Brushes and much much more. All dependant upon requirements… Do you need a deep clean? Maintenance clean? Basic clean? If you need assistance in requirements, contact Aqua Blast Systems in Telford. Happy to help!

T : 01952 608757

What is Karcher RM111?

KARCHER RM111 ASF: PressurePro Machine Protector Advance 2

Karcher RM111 ASF is designed for hot water pressure systems between 60° – 150°C that are supplied with soft water. If purchased along-side your Karcher machine or Pressure Washer which can implement RM111, it is advised to use it from the get-go as it protects against rusting – In the long run, this simple affordable product could cut costs on servicing and maintenance repairs.


Effective protection against calcium deposits and corrosion in hot water high-pressure cleaners. Also provides care for the high-pressure pump and protects against black water (corrosion of the heating coil caused by particularly soft water, which is then disposed of out of the lance). Reliably effective in all-water carrying parts, guaranteed to be compliant with the device and easy to separate (ASF).


Similar to Karcher RM110: This chemical, which is neutral 7pH, is run through your machine in small doses by Karcher’s integrated technology or via an implemented system on your pressure washer to prevent rust from occurring. However, it has other incredible benefits such as protection against Black Water released from the lance, prevents corrosion against heating coil and overall, cares for the machines pump. Therefore, reducing maintenance costs and prolongs the lifetime of the heating coil.


Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners with Machine Protector Adaptation with Application Temperatures between 60° and 150°C

DOSAGE: 6ml/°dH and m³

Components in Accordance with 648/2004/EC


Important Notice: If you apply the dosage yourself, Follow dosage recommendations to avoid any issues. Otherwise, a servicing engineer can set-up the dosage according to your water-hardness.

Remove the screw lid, then insert the bottle into device upside down (head-first) and pierce first-use foil by pushing the bottle down against machine.


  • Approved protection against calcification for usage in high-pressure cleaners
  • Special components protect against corrosion in the heating coil and all-water bearing parts
  • Free of Phosphates
  • pH Value approximately 7 in the concentrate
  • Especially suitable for use of very soft water (Prevent Rusting)


*Remember that Karcher RM110 is Compatible in Any Machine Provided it has System Care Adaption*

What is Karcher RM110?


Orangey Yellow Solution for Calcification.

If you are not aware, Limescale calcification can be catastrophic for hot water systems within pressure washers, causing all sorts of malfunctions and machine break-downs. How do I stop Limescale build-up in my pressure washer? It’s a very simple solution: Karcher RM110.


Karcher RM110 is a powerful chemical that can be used in any pressure washing hot water system that facilitates a water softener dosing unit. It is an effective anti-limescale solution which can be drip-fed into the water tank, assuming you have a compatible Karcher machine, if not your machine must have a device with system care adaption. If applicable, Aqua Blast Systems recommend purchasing Karcher RM110 along-side your Karcher machine as the Warranty lays in conjunction with Karcher RM110 or Karcher RM111 Chemicals.


Prevents limescale deposits in hot water high-pressure cleaners. The new formula offers improved protection against the build-up of limescale in heater coil systems (up to 150 °C) as well as integral corrosion protection for all HDS machine components that come into contact with water.


Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners with Machine Protector Adaptation with Application Temperatures between 60° and 150°C

DOSAGE: 6ml/°dH and m³


  • Produces Cleaner Water for Better Performing Results
  • Prevents Corrosion on Components Exposed and Come in Contact with Water
  • Rapidly Boosts Oil and Water Separation in the Oil Separator
  • Provides High-Level of Performance
  • Free from Any Phosphates


*Remember that Karcher RM110 is Compatible in Any Machine Provided it has System Care Adaption*

Karcher HDS 6/10 Hot Water Pressure Washer Review



Current Type (Ph/V/Hz) : 1/240/50
Flow Rate (L/Hr) : 320-610
Operating Pressure (bar/MPa) : 30-105/3-10.5
Power Rating (kW) : 3
Power Cable (M) : -
Fuel Tank (L) : 15
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 1060 x 650 x 920
Water : Hot
Temperature : 0-90 Degrees
Brand : Karcher
Condition : New

Aqua Blast Systems have a soft-spot for Karcher HDS 6/10 machines due to their pure excellence in performance. This machine is our best seller and our recommendation to customers as this model performs well in the majority of application: Vehicle Cleaning, Equipment and Machinery Cleaning, Workshop Cleaning, Outdoor Area Cleaning, Service Station Cleaning, Swimming Pool Cleaning, Production Processes and Systems Cleaning – The list goes on! The Karcher HDS 6/10 is an all-round favourite.


Firstly, Aqua Blast Systems reflect that this machine has the least repairs carried out due to its versatile technology and hardened construction. Such as The Soft Dampening System (SDS) which compensates for vibration and pressure peaks in the high-pressure system. Therefore, off-loading strain from the components of the machine and essentially protecting them, potentially money-saving technology. The SDS also protects the heating coil against calcification damage: a build-up of limescale which can cause your pressure washer to malfunction. However, if for any reason your machine proceeds to construct deposits of limescale, you can run Karcher RM110 chemical through it to break-down and dispose of calcification. Aqua Blast Systems recommend using RM110 from the point of purchasing your pressure washer as Warranty must be in conjunction with RM110 or RM111 Chemicals.

Appropriately, due to the vast areas this machine can be operated in, the HDS 6/10 comes attached with; an industrial heavy-duty, low-speed motor functioning at 1,450RPM, so you can rely on your motor not getting overwhelmed as it manages its load with ease – Giving you peace of mind of machine break-downs.


What about the pump? Manufactured with excellence, this model is equipped with a three-piston Axial pump unit where ceramic pistons are consumed, considering their extreme durability and intense resistance to damage and wear, completely understandable. Additionally, implemented variable pressure control is accessible from the pump head to adapt to cleaning projects, the operator is in control at all times.

Another great feature is the Leak Detection System, which has multiple benefits, the leading one being the protection of machine and electronics. For example; If you had a leak in a coupling or seal within the unit, this particular model will shut down altogether and alerts the operator on the controls that there is a leak. Overall, protecting electrics and components from water damage. Another benefit being the prevention of floods, if for example, you use your machine in a stationery area, on different pressure washers the machine would usually continue to leak and operate at the same time – obviously longer durations means more of a flood. This model cuts the machine off and water inlet to stop this.

The machine is supplied with a stop and start system, which has the ability to cut the power of the machine when operators leave the unit running. Leaving pressure washers switched on and in motion can seriously damage and destroy components by seizing up or burning out. This small, yet significant feature prevents this.

Technology is at the heart of this pressure washer as its incorporated Exhaust Gas Temperature Limiter, which does as it says on the tin: monitors the temperature of exhaust fumes from the machine. This is an amazing feature which consists of a probe in the chimney with sensors and terminates the burner if it ever gets dangerously hot.


Karcher HDS 6/10 Overall is an amazing pressure washer which should achieve most cleaning projects. It has optional additional attachments which can improve performance, and chemicals which can reduce the effort required.

Need Assistance or Support?

Visit our Website: www.AquaBlast-Systems.co.uk                                                    Or call the office on 01952 608757






How to Stop Limescale in my Pressure Washer | Calcification


Calcification in terms of hot water heating systems can be problematic. Limescale is a hard, stone-like, chalky substance which collects within hot water systems due to the presence of calcium carbonate deposits, discovered in ‘hard water’.

With British weather, it’s no secret we have a lot of rain downpour. Rain plays a major part in calcification, as it slowly percolates through the soil, continues to break-down and dissolves calcium & magnesium, which is then transported through your pressure washers hot water system.


These deposits, if neglected, proceed to crystallise into chunks of calcite which establish on the surface of the system, causing a number of functional issues. Calcification is the accumulation of limescale that can occur on all types of pipe and tank material. The development of Limescale has a number of consequences for hot water systems:

  • Limescale within pressure washer system acts as an insulator, therefore, slows the transfer of heat from the heating element to the water. Wasting time and reducing energy efficiency.
  • Can cause heating elements to fail prematurely.
  • Calcification reduces the rate of water coming through pipe system, meaning the pressure of your machine will drop.
  • It can affect components within the unit such as; pump, valves, seals, spray nozzles. Impacting the safety performance of the machine.


Aqua Blast Systems advise and recommend to all our customer pre-sale to purchase along-side your machine Karcher RM110 Chemical, which prevents limescale deposits in hot water high-pressure cleaners. The new formula offers improved protection against the build-up of limescale in heater coil systems (up to 150 °C) as well as integral corrosion protection for all HDS machine components that come into contact with water.

Kranzle K 2160 TST Pressure Washer Review


Excellence in Cleaning Performance.
Kranzle K 2160 TST


Operating Pressure (bar/MPa) : 30-140/3-14
Current Type (Ph/V/Hz) : -/240/50
Flow Rate (L/Hr) : 660
Power Rating (kW) : 2.4
Power Cable (M) : 5
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) : 375 x 360 x 900
Nozzle Size: 042
Brand: Kranzle
Condition: New

Kranzle manufactures high quality, durable and trustworthy pressure washers, setting an uncompromising standard which results in top-notch machinery. Anywhere from the use of domestic machines for home & garden to heavy-duty industrial machines for continuous use for up to 12 hours a day!


The minuscule design may be decieving, however, don’t let that fool you! The Kranzle 2160 Model is beyond any domestic machine, although it looks like one, it has tenfold the power. This particular model is amongst the most common Kranzle Machines in circulation because of the small, compact design with powerful pressure outlet. Well respected within the cleaning industry due to the friendly price-tag between £800-1000, while still managing to keep quality industrial components within the strong, durable chassis. Constructed with genius, the chassis reflects high-quality after witnessing first hand these models taking wraith off elements of the world, yet still remaining in reasonable condition and primarily – works!

Majority of Kranzle models have optional attachments, Model K 2160 TST being amongst the selected machines. Potentially, you may need additional attachments to fully satisfy your cleaning project such as Dirt Killer Lance. Manufactured with great technology which features rotational spraying jets at a fraction of the usual angle, creating a narrow passage for the water and therefore results in more pressure. With a narrow passage of water means smaller surface area being covered, so Kranzle’s integrated technology has given the nozzle the ability to spin as it cleans, blasting a larger surface area.

To further support the K 2160 Model quality, it comes with a TST (Total-Stop) Version to protect the components within the unit from overheating, burning out, and overall, destruction of the machine. We know, being in the industry, that operators are prone to leaving their machines running (Sometimes all night!) resulting in some ‘pretty’ costly repairs… With this machine, you don’t have to worry!

TST Version also comes equipped with a hose reel. High-Pressure hoses can weigh quite heavy, so when attempting to wrap-up after the cleaning project, can be fairly difficult. To ease operation, the reel will neatly wrap your high-pressure hose for you. Another benefit to this feature, the reel protects the hose from being dragged across the floor, run over by vehicles and general damage – So it saves you money on replacement hoses too!






Aqua Blast Systems Limited have an amazing, unbeatable Sale this November for qualifying Karcher Scrubber Driers. Qualifying Models Consisting of:

  1. Karcher BD 43/35 C Ep
  2. Karcher BD 43/25 C Bp
  3. Karcher BD 50/50 C Bp Classic

Don’t Miss Out! You will not find a better price for November!

Floor Care is an important aspect of any business. Aesthetically, using Scrubber Driers can restore your floors and create a more appealing face for your store – Leaving a positive impression on visitors and customers. Scrubber Driers also extends the service life of your floors and constructs longer lifetime for buildings and objects. Pristine workplaces have been proven to support fire safety. Studies have shown that a cleaner workplace also boosts morale for employees, effectively being more productive. Overall, Scrubber Driers improve the work climate and produces a professional appearance for customers which can build credibility and reputation.

November Sale for Karcher Scrubber Driers. Amazing Price, will not find a better price anywhere else!
AMAZING Prices on Qualifying Karcher Scrubber Drier Models. Aqua Blast Systems will not be beaten on Price for the selected models!

You will not believe the cleaning performance of these machines. Provides real satisfaction – Results are astonishing! Floor Care Scrubber Drier which comes equipped with a powerful scrubbing disc head, high suction vacuum with a squeegee to prevent any residue remaining per sweep and an ergonomic control panel with EASY! operation technology. Super easy to maintain as Karcher machines are colour-coded for the easiest operation. Ability to clean everywhere and anywhere, with exchangeable brush heads for when you need to produce a deep clean or a light clean.